R. Earl Warren, P.A.  The Value of Experience...

R. Earl Warren, P.A.

With over 30 years in practice, our office has encountered
multiple legal matters ranging from seemingly simple issues
to complex litigation. The value of experience is beyond measure.

Contact us regarding the assistance you need and we will ascertain if we can help you
with not only understanding the legality of the matter but will discuss the "what if's".
It is extremely important to understand the documents you sign and what could
possibly happen to you and/or your family if you do not fully understand for example,
what your will or trust truly involves. If you do not have a will or trust, it is important
that you talk to an experienced attorney who can help you obtain what you need.

We will meet with you and obtain information about your case in our initial conference. If
we decide to take your case, we will provide you with an estimation of legal fees
included in a signed agreement. Upon opening of a case, we will provide you with
monthly work-in-progress reports so you are kept informed as to the work performed
and the time spent. This applies to long term cases such as probate and family law
matters. Estate planning and real estate cases are charged on a work performed basis
as well. As every case is different, we believe the fees should apply to the work
performed as opposed to a fee based on percentage in most cases.

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